Exciting news friends - Ryan and are half way through the making of my next full length record!   We are excited to release it in the form of two EPs (seven songs on each) over the next year or so.  The first EP will be called (most likely) Bad News and the second, Hard Times.  


If you enjoy my music, and would like to come alongside and support our efforts, I have set up four different donation and reward levels.


Your contribution will purchase studio time and help with production fees which greatly accelerate the creation of theses very special tunes.


As an added bonus, to all who donate I will send a free copy of the unreleased single Bad News - to date, it’s my favorite song and it will not be released for months.


LEVEL 1 - $25

Hand drawn thank you card and social shout out to be shared on all my social platform

LEVEL 2 - $100

Cover of your choice sung by me, recorded on video and dedicated to you via social feeds

LEVEL 3 - $250

I write you a song.  I’ll send you some questions, you send me some answers, and I’ll write the song, video the performance and post to my social channels

LEVEL 4 - $1,000

A private concert in your home or place of choosing (contingent upon availability) 

Thank you so much for this amazing job.  I hope to see you soon.

On A Mission,

Keeton Coffman