We must go Through it.    

For reasons we do not know.


Through enemy lines, to victory

Through ignorance, to sympathy

Through depression, to empathy

Through confusion, to wisdom

Through pointless repetition, 

Through ruthless competition

to mastery, to beauty, to fulfill our promise, our duty

Through sacrifice, to save

To life, Through grave

To rescue, Through fire

To grasp, though Through barbed wire

To realize we were not alone

Through the storm, to get home.

Through labor, now to birth

to learn of our faith’s worth

Through fear, and now we know its voice

has little power against our choice

to trust in He, who is strong

and woven in us like a song,

with it’s melody holding true

though in the storm, we pass Through

we used to flee! We used to run!…

but now we cross Through, and behold… The sun!


Christ went Through it, and was condemned

to walk Through torture at the hands of men

Through the city gates, down and then

Through the hours on the cross, 

into the hands of death, and the loss

of the Father’s love, and down to hell

but Through it he crossed, and in hand he held

keys to give to you and me, 

chains now fall, cells emptied!!


And still, He understands better than I ever knew,

the nature of this tempest that I journey Through.

And that at times, it’s all I can do

to believe, indeed, “Always, I’m with you.”


Bread in hand, Cup in the other

Evidence that we have a Brother

From this day, forever true,

Who went Through it, to go Through it…


With you.

Keeton CoffmanComment