Before I was a musician, I was a competitive gymnast.  I was actually pretty good and won a couple of High School National Championships.  And today... today, I'm going to teach you how to do a back flip in 11 simple and easy steps.  Read on:

1 - Remember that people have done them for years.  

You are not the first. This is possible.

2 - Acknowledge that your brain is a liar.  

Because it is.

3 - Your brain will tell say things like “You’re going to die.”

You won’t.

4 - Your heart will begin to beat like you’re going to die.  

You’re not.

5 - You hate the sensation of flipping because you can’t see where you are going.  

That’s okay.  That’s natural.  But, completely ignore this feeling.

6 - Your stomach will begin to feel like it’s turning inside out.  

It’s not.  That’s just adrenaline.

7 - Your lungs may gasp for air as if you are breathing your last. 

Relax, you are not.  Things are about to get awesome.

8 - Now ignore the terrible, painful failure scenarios that bounce around like bullets in your head. 

They are make believe.  It’s just your imagination.

9 - Tell yourself “I can do this.”  

Because that’s the truth.  You can.  And you need to be reminded.  At least, I do.

10 - Finally: Tell yourself “I will do this.” 

Decide and commit.  That’s important.

  Your heart flips first, then the body follows.

11 - Jump.

**Apply these instructions to anything you attempt today… even back flips**

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