I’ll pass before your very eyes 

And I’ll smile and catch your gaze. 

Without a mask, without disguise, 

I appear within a moment,  

At times to your surprise, 

I’m here.  I’m on display. 


No need to glance at scripture 

Or reach up and out to God. 

Put away your sacred texts! 

You’ll see my gentle nod, 

And you’ll know me when you see me, 

When I appear to you. 

I’ve been waiting since you woke today. 


I’m the good you’re meant to do. 


I’m the extra cash that’s needed not 

By the wallet you carry ‘round. 


I’m the extra pause, the empathetic thought 

You’re waiting, your hanging around, 

Your patient, but not insistent hand 

that you hold out to the weakened walker 

That can, for just a moment, 

Be the strength no one else offer. 


I’m not the busy that you make with your hands 

Or the worry you forge in your mind. 

I’m not the anger held in your heart.  

I’m not the lust inside your eyes. 

I’m not the words you say in the darkness, 

Or the judgement-throwing stones. 

I’m not the tension in your neck, 

Or the ache inside your bones. 


I’ll be well within your reach,  

As on your path, you’re passing through. 


I’m the good you’re meant to do today, 

And I’m waiting here for you. 

Keeton CoffmanComment